Thursday, June 12, 2014

Honoring Our Dads On Father's Day

This Sunday at Berean we are honoring some of our dads with slides on the screen before during and after the service. Michael Duncan is just one of the dads getting this special honor. 
Some of the slides are funny, some are surprising and some are serious, but all honor the men in our lives.  We do want to thank everyone that sent in such wonderful pictures as a reminder of how special all dads are. 

This day of honor probably means more to me now than it did for years. I remember my dad getting that surprised look on his face, big smile and his many thank you's for the homemade trinkets and cheap gifts we cobbled together on countless Father's Days. But as a child you never fully recognize the sacrifice, hard work, faithfulness and love it takes until you have kids of your own.  

Now that I have raised our children and have a clearer understanding of what it takes, I miss being able to thank him for his many sacrifices and tell him that I love him. Remember to thank that special man in your life this Sunday. 

See you all on Father's Day at Berean.  

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  1. We all need to honor our dads. I hope I see everyone at Berean with their fathers. More importantly if your dad goes to church, go with him this Sunday! I know its tough but get up out of bed and honor our Father in heaven and your father at home.

    1. I know that I will be honoring my dad this Sunday!!!! But, no dad is perfect so we should honor our Father in heaven every Sunday and all of the time!

  2. I didn't have the best dad. But I do have a Father in heaven to honor everyday with my life.