Wednesday, June 18, 2014

VBS More Important Than You Think

Kids are having a great time and the helpers and volunteers are all worn out. Yes it is VBS time at Berean Christian Church!!!

As usual we have a large crowd with our friends from Servants for Christ pitching in and bringing lots of volunteers and plenty of kids. Over 80 children have been there each of the first two days and we are looking for more tomorrow and Friday.

It is easy in all the excitement and exhaustion to miss the bigger purpose of the VBS program. Yes, it is to give kids something fun to do in the summer. Yes, it is to make sure they all leave with a fun craft made by their own two hands (with a lot of help). Yes, it is to inspire us to do great things. Yes, its fun to give to the School Supply Give A Way and see Pastor Troy or Pastor Nolan get a pie in the face.  But putting all of those things aside, it is to proclaim Christ!!!

That's right, this maybe the only time that some of these children will hear Jesus mentioned until baby Jesus is mentioned at Christmas time along with Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

So, if you are exhausted from all of the work, take heart you are making a difference for the kingdom in a real tangible way. Whether you are serving snacks, leading singing, doing crafts, teaching or functioning as support staff, you are making a difference.

Lastly, everyone is invited to the VBS Closing Program Friday Night!!!! It starts around 6:00 PM and should be a fun time for the kids and for all that show up. Maybe I'm a rank sentimentalist at heart, but I always find a tear welling up in my eyes when the kid sing and dance praises to God!!! I can think of no better way to spend a Friday evening.

See you then!