Saturday, November 8, 2014

Berean Ministers Through the Grief of Death

By Russ Ward
Unfortunately, I was not mature enough to remember all of my closest relative's funerals. But, I do recall a profound grief at each.  However, more recently I can clearly remember the passing of my father and grandmother. At each funeral the presiding pastor did their best to speak about the positives attributes of the recently deceased and the lives they lived, the faith they had in Christ and the assurance that there would be a truly joyous reunion in heaven one day. I believe that with all my heart. It gives me hope, peace and joy regardless of circumstance.

But, beyond the words of the minister, were the actions of a caring congregation that hugged me, that whispered words of encouragement in my ear, showered the whole family with love and fed our stomachs and souls. I said to our congregation, when thanking them for their help after my dad's funeral that, "I don't know what people do, with no faith and no church family."

The church is more than just a place where people spend an hour on Sundays, it is a place where a true connection can be made and true caring and love can be exhibited especially in our times of need.

Recently, our church family had two opportunities in less than two weeks to demonstrate that kind of love and our ministry team that takes care of funeral dinners sprang into action by providing food, a loving environment and an understanding smile.  

Although it seems like such a small gesture, it is more than fried chicken and home baked chocolate chip cookies. It is a ministry team freely giving the family of the decedent a time after the grief of the funeral to visit, share stories, laugh together, smile, connect and deal with the first steps of saying goodbye to one they so dearly loved. From personal experience I can tell you, that gift is one of the most precious gifts one will receive, precisely when it is needed.

Thank you to all of those that are a part of the Funeral Dinner Ministry Team. If you wish to participate contact Jane Siefert or the church office.

If you need help with grief or more information about connecting with Berean Christian Church click here.

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