Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"not a fan" a huge eye opener

by Russ Ward
This "not a fan" series has already been a big eye opener for me and I am sure for you as well if you have been keeping up with the reading and meeting with your small group. But, this last chapter hit me right between the eyes with some simple questions that we should all look at to determine if our relationship with Jesus is that of follower or fan.

I want to devote this blog to the questions posed by Kyle Idleman in the chapter "one of many or your one and only" to give you one more chance to think about your life and Jesus.

1. For what do you sacrifice your money?
2. When you are hurt, where do you go for comfort?
3. What disappoints or frustrates you most?
4. What really gets you excited?

If you are a fan, your answers will be much different than if you are a follower. The bottom line is whether we like it or not Jesus is not in a sharing mood when it comes to your heart. We are to be slave to Jesus our Lord.

You are not alone if you find this teaching difficult join the club. I encourage you to reread the chapter and then like me to take this time to evaluate, admit shortcomings and they strive to correct.

See you Sunday!

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