Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lessons of the four-legged kind!

Lessons can come from unlikely sources. 
This guest blog is written by an a-non-o-mouse source. We hope you like the read, make comments and pass it on if you like it! The author goes by the nom de plume Nerb. 

My office is in a very old house.  When the fall weather arrives, the office not only houses office stuff, it often houses four-legged, furry, unwanted guests.  This past winter, I saw the evidence of such a guest and being the hunter that I am, I smeared peanut butter on a trap and set it in the utility room.  A few hours later, I checked on the trap only to find it missing.  After a lengthy search, I found it behind some boxes, licked clean, tripped, but no guest.  Hummmm, I thought, I need more peanut butter.  Later, again, I found the trap tripped, empty, and moved several feet from its starting point.

I explained my dilemma to a coworker who laughed and said, "What you need is a bigger trap." So, I visited a local discount store and returned with a trap large enough to....well, you know large enough to solve my problem.  I set the trap complete with peanut butter only to later find the trap still set, licked clean.  So, this rodent was not only big and strong, but also smart.  I baited the trap again, but this time about 4 inches away I set the original smaller trap.  No more than a few minutes later I heard the sound of success.  Expecting to find a large rat, I bravely looked in the utility room.  To my surprise, I saw both traps tripped and two small field mice caught in the rat trap!  Upon investigation of the scene, I concluded that each mouse had chosen a different feeding area.  The smaller trap must have tripped, the mouse jumped back, landing on the rat trap and the trap trapped its prey.

The moral of the story?  Maybe, "bad company corrupts good morals," or "look before you leap," or "you reap what you sow."  I don't know, but what I do know is this: sin may look good, may smell good, and may even taste good, but its end is death. 

Looking for wisdom from above,

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