Friday, June 19, 2015

VBS Begins Again

Monday VBS will once again take center stage at Berean Christian Church. The classrooms and auditorium will be transformed into Camp Kilimanjaro where children will experience an "Epic Expedition Through Proverbs".  There are giraffes on the walls, a giant mountain and signs warning of animals. 

Some of the elders thought that the "Elephant Crossing" sign was hitting to close to home and a bit personal. But, all is forgiven as Vacation Bible School is so important. 

As usual VBS will entail the usual fun and learning. Songs will be sung, games played, crafts made and lessons learned. There will be a great time on Friday evening as we get to hear the children sing, and quote scripture. Not to mention the annual fish fry. 

The hope of Berean is that more than the auditorium is transformed. The paper and props will be taken down in a week but God can permanently transform lives through the power of his word. So take some time this week and pray about the impact that VBS can have in our community. Pray that we can use it as a tool to reach others and truly change lives. Also take the time to come out Friday night, have some great food, meet some of the kids and their parents and sing along. I guarantee your heart will be lifted.  

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