Friday, February 5, 2016

God Cares Who Wins the Super Bowl - Maybe

I just read a release from the Baptist Press and they polled 1000 Americans asking them "Does God determine winners and losers in the Super Bowl?"
The results were 88% said no, 8% said yes and 5% did not know. At first blush it seems that the vast majority of people, at least according to this survey want to have a separation of Church and football. I don’t blame them, why invite God to a party with beer and gluttony? Seriously, all of this is fun to discuss, but this question leads to a deeper understanding of God’s role in the small things in life. 
For instance as a Protestant I was always curious when the Catholic basketball teams crossed themselves before each free throw. I would like to see the stats on that. Do Catholics that pray before each free throw tend to have a higher percentage made? If they do then Shaq should have converted. But, who knows. 
A more accurate perspective on God and the Super Bowl is that God can or does not have to care depending on His divine will. In other words I have no idea if He cares but if the game has a purpose in His Kingdom then He does. 
Too often we myopically feel that God has no role in the small things just the big things. We pray about who we should marry, what we will do when we graduate (if we do) and where we will live. But not whether we should fix our hair or wear a hat and a pony tail. I’m not saying that we should lock ourselves in a prayer closet and go on bended knee about hair styles. But I am saying that we need to recognize that God can and does care about minor things in life, like a silly little football game.  


  1. Love the comments on beer and gluttony. We don't even think in these terms. How do you guys come up with such unique ways of looking at things????

  2. God cares about everything!