Thursday, May 5, 2016

New Bus to Help Berean Ministry

Kids from the last BASH showing off the new bus!
Berean Christian Church has raised the funds and have purchased a bus to help out with the ministry of the church. The goal of Berean Christian Church is to connect with God each, other and the community and in several ways the new bus does just that.

It helps connect people to God as it will be used to transport people to and from church events including Sunday Connect and the Sunday service. It will connect Berean with the community by providing transportation for school children through the BASH after school program and help with community transportation needs. It will also help us connect with each other at Berean as relationships will developed as we travel for missions and ministry where ever that leads us.

The bus project was headed up by the deacons at Berean. They raised the funds and did the research. Chris Groded led the effort and was assisted by Dan Mann, Lee Marks and Scott Ward. In addition to the deacons a big thank you goes to Mark Berger for his help in giving the bus a thorough check before the purchase was made.

The bus still has to get the logo and other designs on the exterior but was ready for use during the last BASH of the school year. Also the bus is part of the Fresh Start program that continues to raise funds for new exterior doors and an upgraded kitchen. To be a part of the Fresh Start program ask for a brochure and pledge card at Berean.

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