Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Needs to Consider

This short letter is to let you know about the needs that our church and our community have this Christmas season.

First, as I am sure you all know it takes a lot to keep a church up and running. We have everything from the electric and phone bills to salaries and Sunday Connect supplies. Each year the finance ministry team watches all of the expenses closely and this year again we are cutting it very close. That means that we have a couple of months worth of reserves and no more.

On top of that, there are approximately $10,000 dollars in extra projects we need to undertake. That includes a new heating and air-conditioning unit as well as smaller things such as touch-up paint and new communion trays (the old ones are quite dented).

Second, for our community outreach this Christmas the Angel Tree is filled it with items needed at the Pregnancy Matters mission. They provide counseling, pregnancy tests, formula, diapers, baby clothes and more to women making a tough choice regarding an unplanned pregnancy. Please take at least one item off the tree (located at the back of the auditorium) and help out! Just bring the item in, you don't need to wrap it or even add a bow.

If you wish to contribute towards the upkeep and improvement of the church just make sure you note in the memo of your check or on an envelope "Fresh Start". Thank you for being so faithful this year and we wish you a very merry Christmas! 

The Elders

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